About – UpToCode Academy

About Us

We inspire and empower underserved youth to act on their dreams. We open their minds to what's possible in tech and beyond.

What We Do

Up To Code Academy (U2C) creates engaging learning experiences that provides culturally relevant, video-based content to foster awareness and inspire action in today’s underserved youth.

U2C’s dream is to repeat this model worldwide and help schools and non-profit organizations establish or elevate S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) practices, health and well-being, and entrepreneurship through curriculum and course delivery.

Throughout the U2C learning experiences, we can facilitate the development of critical thinking skills, creativity, and cultural competency, ultimately empowering youth to change their personal trajectory.

Our Approach

Kids of all ages are fascinated with video! We capitalize on this by creating bite-sized learning content that engages learners through a rich, visual, self-paced learning experience. Our curriculum can be integrated with existing learning platforms or accessed on mobile or web devices.