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The Leaky Tech Pipeline…

The Leaky Tech Pipeline… 1600 900 UpToCode Academy

Check out this enlightening article on how the tech industry is still struggling with the issue of diversity and inclusion.

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Announcing DREAMerHack!

Announcing DREAMerHack! 1600 900 UpToCode Academy

Don’t miss Hackathon Academy’s groundbreaking event DREAMerHack! hosted by the Qeyno Group. Click the link to learn more.

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George Hofstetter Named Young Futurist…

George Hofstetter Named Young Futurist… 1600 900 UpToCode Academy
Up To Code Academy’s Digital Divide, Vol.1 young host and co-producer, George Hofstetter, named Young Futurist 2018 by The Root. Read the article to find out more.

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